Vicki Alexander – Owner

Vicki Alexander, the owner of Rainbow Valley Ranch and the Fishing Club, has lived in the area since 1994. She purchased the ranch out of foreclosure in 2014. At that time all of the cabins and homes built between 1934 and 1941 were in disrepair. With lots of help, hard work, perseverance, and additional financial investment, most of the cabins, homes and the Lodge were refurbished. All of the cabins and homes are now occupied with tenants with at least one year leases. Her passion is to continue to preserve the old buildings and structures as a monument to Colorado’s past.

With 7 lakes, two active year round streams (Four Mile and Putney), and beautiful scenery, she wanted to share this place with others. The lakes appeared to be the perfect environment for trout since the lakes were already populated with Brookies. Starting a fishing club just made sense and so the club was formed in August 2017. Several stocking of trout and many improvements, including rebuilding the diversion dam where water enters the lakes, replacing water regulating valves in Lakes 5, 6, and 7, and refurbishing the Lodge have all been completed under her ownership.

Vicki’s most memorable fishing experience was with her dad when she was 7 years old and she hooked her own behind. Although she is not currently a fisherman (doesn’t have time), Vicki is committed to providing enjoyable and memorable fishing experiences for club members for many years in the future.